Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceutical Logistics
Driver Training

Driver Training

All GDP drivers go through a rigorous training program as they have to be familiar with, and competent using, all the fridge mechanical systems as well as understanding the correct processes and procedures in the GDP drivers’ manual.

There are specific requirements within each Technical Agreement (TA) that all GDP drivers need to be aware of and trained on. These have been agreed in advance of working with our customers. In addition, our drivers are pre-briefed verbally and sent instructions directly to their PDAs prior to pick-up from any customer. There is also a ten minute verbal de-brief after every delivery.

We see the following benefits from our program of continuous improvement within the company.

• A trained and knowledgeable driver team
• A satisfied and reassured customer
• Reduced chance of an accident
• Less chance of a temperature excursion
• Lower insurance premiums
• Lower maintenance costs
• Lower fuel bills
• Enhanced company image


PDA Communication

Driver Communication through PDA

All drivers communicate to their operations team leader using their PDA.

This allows hard copy POD's to be transmitted directly to our operational software. It also allows driver brief and debrief before and after the delivery has been executed.