Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceutical Logistics

GDP Pharma Logistics - Introduction

GDP Pharma Logistics is a cold chain transport and logistics supplier to the pharmaceutical industry; specialising in the handling of dedicated temperature sensitive healthcare products throughout Europe. Our area of expertise is in 2 - 8C and controlled ambient 15 25C shipments both in bulk trailer volumes and also on smaller vehicles. All the management at GDP have over 10 years experience in handling pharmaceutical products.

With the current economical climate, where cost pressures are becoming a major driver for both the pharmaceutical and transport industry; and as a result, there has been a lot of consolidation and the implementation with downsizing programs as margins come under increasing pressure.

With all the ongoing financial investment that is required by GDP Pharma, especially in areas like key staff, special equipped vehicles, and all the additional costs like validation, temperature mapping and secure temperature data storage. The challenge for us at GDP Pharma is to look at how we can still maintain a competitive pricing strategy, while not compromising our high service levels and our commitment to our customers.

By analysing our clients shipping profiles, GDP have established that there are many cost reduction options available to our customers, like multi-drop milk round deliveries, dual temperature and double pallet stacking.

At GDP we are confident of our success and our ability to conquer all future challenges.